How we started


Established in 1985, European Lollipops were first made by my father Toviy for the central store in Berdichev, Ukraine. In 1992, our family immigrated to America upon which time my father expanded his business to Euro Deli's and Markets. During this time my father always had me in mind for a business partner for I always contributed to the composing of the colorful blend of mouth watering lollipops, be it wrapping them or the actual cooking of the sweet treats themselves.

In 2000, I acquired my fathers business and assumed the position of owner for the small company LOLLIPOP ROOSTER. Over the years, the company has grow and now our company has around a hundred stores and a bountiful assortment of flavors for our lollipops! Lollipop Rooster is currently a small establishment, that has a goal for molding extraordinary little jewels of sweet joy and pleasure The companies policy is to make a quality product that everyone will love. We dream to grow to a state where we would be able to export to all the stores in America and even around the world.


SINCE 1985


SINCE 2000

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